In-School Touring Programs

In-School Touring Program

FPCTA celebrates our new program where we bring live theatre to your school. Our In-School Touring Program introduces students to the art of theatre through age appropriate, curriculum-based pieces, which are socially relevant, entertaining and exciting. Our professional actors will bring to life an experience for each child in hopes of stretching the mind, inspiring the heart and promoting education through our plays. Shows last approximately 45 minutes to one hour with a Question and Answer session at the end. FPCTA will be producing multiple touring shows beginning the 2019-2020 school year. Your school will have several options to choose from based on your school needs.


FPCTA’s First Professional In-School Touring Show: Freedom Riders

Recognizing theatre’s ability to make sense of current events, and realizing our nation’s current political climate and how it will affect the next generation, FPCTA has a special production for the 2018-19 school year. Through learning about America’s past struggles for freedom, students will be inspired to become a positive influence in present-day challenges to overcome differences and bring our nation together for effective change. Freedom Riders will be the first “professional” school touring show that FPCTA has ever produced, with a potential audience of 1,800 school children and offering accompanying classroom support to teachers. This special production will introduce theatre to students who would not otherwise experience live production and will cultivate beliefs and inspire change in students who find vision in its theme. Most importantly, through study of our past, this production offers an insightful look to how our heritage shapes our future.

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