Performance Location


FPCTA Mainstage Productions are performed at the VBC Playhouse located at the corner of Monroe Street and Clinton Avenue. The VBC Playhouse faces Clinton Avenue.

Von Braun Civic Center
700 Monroe Street
Huntsville, AL 35801


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Lot P1 (in front of the North Hall) is VBC Platinum parking – $10 per vehicle.
Lot P3 and Parking Garage P2 are also VBC operated – $10 per vehicle.
The City of Huntsville  operates garages and lots nearby the VBC. P4 is usually the best option for Fantasy patrons – $5 cash or $6 debit/credit per vehicle.
During especially busy times at the VBC, the City may also open up Parking Lot P5 – $5 cash or $6 debit/credit per vehicle.