Production Management Council


Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater & Academy

Production Management Council

The Production Management Council (PMC) provides the leadership for the quality community theatre opportunities Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater and Academy offers to the greater Huntsville/Madison area, specifically production of the main stage shows. Currently, there are four main stage productions put on at the Von Braun Center (VBC) each year. These are typically in the fall (October), holiday (December),  winter (February), and spring (April). The PMC also manages other performances and events such as an annual magic show in October, and/or puppet shows as the opportunities arise. Additionally, the PMC supports various other activities that further advance the overall mission of Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater and Academy when needed.


VP of Production: Cheri Furno


Karen Alexander       Lena Austin       Charlie Blaylock       Kailey Burkhardt      Dana Clark     Nikki Fields

Renee Gardiner     L. Enitza Gillespie      Dennis Griffin       Lorie Hubscher      Clint Hughes       Andrea Jernigan

Kevin O’Brien       Tom Prohaska        Julia Ramsey       Scott Trites       Bruce Westfall